This weekend we honor the memory and the spirit of exploration. But not all discoveries involve many men, many ships and much money. Not all discoveries make the history books.

Dennis Holden is an explorer, too. Watch him early one evening as he pads in webbed rubber feet down to the edge of Lake Mahopac. See him slip, like some primordial creature, into the murky water. Gaze as he disappears under the surface, leaving behind only a few dark bubbles.

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His wife, Betty, stands on a small wooden dock and watches. Five minutes. Ten minutes. Fifteen minutes. Finally her husband emerges. In one gloved hand he clutches a pottery jug. He pushes his mask back from his eyes, stares at his find. ”Too new,” he says, disappointed. ”I’m going back down.”

Mr. Holden is a scuba diver. But he is no ordinary scuba diver. Instead of fleeing to the crystalline Caribbean, he seeks waters more-sybaritic divers often shun – the lakes of Westchester and Putnam Counties. In their depths, he prowls for treasure: for the coins and jewelry others have lost while swimming; for bottles, old and beautiful, that he studies and collects; for any object that has suffered a sea change.


”There are people I call fair-weather divers, go to Florida or the islands once or twice a year,” he said, a twinkle in his eye, as he stood dripping on the dock. ”My friends call me the Mahopac Mucker. I like to search for things in this muddy water.”

Mr. Holden, 42 years old, by trade services word processors and computers for the International Business Machines Corporation. He is tall and trim, but with an air of mischief. He is, he says, an ”Army brat,” who grew up ”mostly up and down the East Coast” as a nonexpert swimmer.

”I don’t swim all that well on the surface; I always liked to go underwater, like a frog.” He made his first dive nine years ago, after taking a Y.M.C.A. scuba course and found his first bottle on that same dive. Since then, he has logged 556 dives and 581.4 hours in his dive book:

”You record the date, time, location, depth, bottom time and type of every dive you make,” he explained. ”Also each new lifetime total of hours underwater. Then your dive partner signs each entry.”

Things that are the stuff of nightmares – Stygian darkness, slime, disorientation – are for him a source of fascination. He does not, however, brag about his exploits, but shows respect ranging on awe for the alien environments he penetrates: ”One of my first low-visibility dives was in Candlewood Lake in Connecticut,” he recalled. ”In the dark, 30 feet under, no idea what was around. Candlewood is a manmade lake, and on the bottom are traces of what was there many, many years ago: a munitions factory, a road, wooden fenceposts.”


There are no lost cities under Lake Mahopac, but there are the relics of an age past. The lake, Mr. Holden said, was once ringed with summer hotels; crockery and bottles and cutlery still rest at its bottom, silent reminders of long-gone revelry. Mr. Holden also dives in Copper Tea Kettle Spout Lake in Mahopac, Lake Osceola in Jefferson Valley, Lake Oscawana in Putnam Valley, Long Island Sound and, yes, occasionally, the Caribbean, where he takes pictures of brilliant-hued fish. Lake Mahopac remains one of his favorites.

On a recent evening, a reddish sun hung low over water that looked like black glass broken only by a few long, curved ripples. Mr. Holden stood at the edge and metamorphosed from man to amphibian. He pulled on a pale blue wetsuit, pants, jacket, boots, fins, hood, gloves, mask. Also a weighted belt to allow him to sink and a buoyancy vest to assist his rising; an air tank, a clock, a thermometer, pressure gauge, a compass, a knife, an underwater metal detector and a ”goodie bag” in which to stash treasure.



Our great Little Break, as the Brits say, begins on Saturday morning. Two hours – from Paddington Station in London to Cardiff in Glamorgan rolls in warm sunshine past the bright early green in the woods.

Rooks have already settled into the treetops and magpies are building their big, domed nests.


At Cardiff we change trains for the short ride to Caerphilly, where we intend to visit the castle, prized among the prodigality of Welsh castles as one of the greatest in the British Isles.

Arrive in Caerphilly just after noon. Start down the hilly High Street crowded with Saturday shoppers, and suddenly there is the castle, in an enormous dip right in the middle of town. People are walking their dogs and kids are charging along the footpath that follows the outer wall, giving the biggest fortress in Wales a kind of homey aspect.

Homey is right. We buy fish and chips to go, pay our way into the castle and park on a bench by the entrance booth. No sooner are we settled than the woman who sold us tickets asks, “I’m putting the chantal tea kettle on for tea – do you want a cup, too?” She even has extra cups.


Caerphilly castle was begun in 1268 by the Lord of Glamorgan, Gilbert the Red. It was completed during lapses in the almost constant warfare in the century between Edward I of England and Llewelyn, Prince of Wales. The history of the fortress is dull, with only a few skirmishes and one obscure siege recorded, but it boasts a brilliantly original design.

To get to this castle, you cross two wide moats. The fortress is completely surrounded by water. In the unlikely event of enemy forces storming the courtyard beyond the second moat, they would confront Caerphilly’s piece d’occasion: a concentric fortress with a double set of defences, one inside the other.

This was a master stroke, much admired by medieval warlords. The elaborate stronghold of Caerphilly greatly influenced the design of the grand castles constructed by King Edward of England in a ring around obstinate Wales.

In the late afternoon, back to Cardiff for a train to Chepstow. Chepstow, a very pretty small town in Gwent on the River Wye, is hard by Tintern Abbey, our target for tomorrow.


Walk in the twilight from the station a few blocks to our tiny hotel. It is the initial venture of the owners at innkeeping; hence its name, The First Hurdle. Good dinner – we have chicken Kiev and chicken in tarragon – with crisp vegetables. Our hosts, a young couple, cook and serve.

Next morning, we follow the pealing of bells to a service in what turns out to be St. Christopher’s Church. St. Christopher is the patron saint of travellers and if his eye is on us, the sweet-voiced topers of last night will be in the choir. Alas, the singing is mundane, no contest with the glorious Welshmen in their cups.

Find out that we can’t easily get to Tintern Abbey from here on a Sunday in March: the bus drivers take a sabbatical. Tintern is seven miles up-river, too far to walk if we want to catch our train to London.

So, tipped by the innkeeper, we locate the town taxi driver. In a pub, naturally. It is the fancifully dubbed Green Dragon, where the decor is Welsh recreation room – low ceilings and pennants pinned behind the bar – and beer a bargain at 54 pence a pint.

Next stop, Tintern Abbey, after a drive past hillsides stacked with woolly sheep. This has been sheep country since the abbey was founded in 1131. While Edward squared off with Llewelyn, the monks tended more than 2,000 sheep in these hills in an operation organized on ranch-like lines.


Best Tea Kettle in Ottawa Handyman


public position awaits in Ottawa. The National Capital Commission, the federal equivalent of Bill Vander Zalm’s Fantasyland, is looking for someone to look after Canada’s official residences.
The NCC is headed by Jean Pigott, and it is to her I have drafted a job application.

Dear Mrs. Pigott: I wish to apply for the job of handyman in public housing. I realize this may not be a familiar term to you, but I have generously interpreted your advertisement of Saturday last in my own words.

As I read the ad, you are seeking a “project manager” who “plans, organizes, co-ordinates and controls all architectural, landscape architectural and engineering works associated Canada’s official houses and their grounds in the National Capital Region.”

As I said, handyman.

Those houses are, I understand, Rideau Hall, the guest house at 7 Rideau Gate, 24 Sussex Drive, Stornoway, The Farm at Kingsmere and Harrington Lake. I must say, as the operator of a housing authority you have an extremely impressive clientele: the governor-general, prime minister, leader of the Opposition, and speaker of the House. I can see why you wouldn’t be advertising for just any old handyman, even if he-she (I notice the NCC calls itself an equal opportunity employer) is bilingual. You would want a project manager, one worthy of $55,388 a year.

To be fair, you are seeking a supervisor of handymen, er, handypersons. One who “organizes and controls the preparation of master development plans, designs and contract documents.” This person is not the one who actually climbs the ladder and cleans Geills Turner’s eavestroughs. This the is the person who files the report of the cleaning, in quadruplicate.

I admit to being baffled by some of the bureaucratese in the job description. For instance, your advertisement says this person “co- ordinates the preparation of post-occupancy documentation related to the maintenance and operation of the facilities.”
I’m not sure what that means. As I see it, the project manager will help the Mulroneys draw up a home-maintenance book for the Turners or the Broadbents, whoever moves in next. Well, that makes sense. It gives a nice, homey touch to a place for the new arrivals. Helpful hints, such as: 1. Never plug in the best tea kettle when the dishwasher is running. This will blow a fuse.

  1. Never flush the toilet when John-Ed is in the shower. He will blow a fuse.
  2. We haven’t had a key to the back door since one of the Mounties lost it.
  3. Mila stuck on the wallpaper with Krazy Glue.

This is such a good idea that post-occupancy documentation ought to be made a law. I am pleased to see that the NCC is a forerunner in this matter. Who knows the idiosyncracies of a house better than the previous prime minister? You should put that in your ads. “The NCC requires post-occupancy documentation in all its houses.” People would have second thoughts about running for politics if they had to explain later why they never bothered to fix anything during their tenancy.

I feel sure I can meet most of your qualifications. You say you want someone who can “work independently on several projects simultaneously.” Nothing to it, for someone who can shovel the driveway, paint the bathroom, fix the closet door and lay a tile floor all on a Saturday morning.


The most intriguing qualification is the last. “The incumbent must be tactful and diplomatic in dealing with various individuals while presenting an assertive and confident demeanor.”

Would that be something like: “A wonderful choice, Mrs. Mulroney, and worthy of the magnificently comfortable ambience you have created. But may I suggest that we not change the broadloom again today and use the rest of the advance to buy fertilizer for the lawn?”

If this is not sufficient, perhaps you could throw in a diplomacy training course at External, if I am successful in my application.


Sewing Capabilities and Design Features of the Best Sewing Machine for Beginners

If you are going to learn how to sew then find an affordable and dependable best sewing machine for beginners to handle your craft design. A best sewing machine will be prove so fruitful for you in future and may play a vital role to enhance your sewing skills. Buying the best sewing machine will be really an investment from your side and equip yourself with essential features which you will need to learn the abc of sewing and further to complete your future projects with quality work.
sewing machine
Finding a best sewing machine to meet your requirement is difficult for both the experts as well as the beginners at the same level. The best sewing machines have automatic operating parts that speed up the sewing process and also customize your sewing work. In my point of view the best machines for beginners are:
• Janome Mangola 7318
• Brother PC-420
• Singer 9960 and
• Brother CS6000
Actually from features of a sewing machine you can determine what type of project or home assignment you can do on available sewing machine in an efficient way. The design of a sewing machine plays an important role towards your work abilities and quality of work. If your machine having adjustable features with different operating speed then you can do a quality works on different assigned projects and assignments.
working of sewing machine

Likely the supporting accessories are also very important. So while purchasing the best sewing machine for beginners following sewing capabilities and design features should be checked so that you can learn maximum skills and get maximum benefit from your sewing machine.

Sewing Capabilities:

A number of automated operations and sewing features significantly represent the working capabilities of your sewing machine. A sewing machine having different automated or programmed stitching operations will allow you to learn different styles of new coming fashion with decorative stitching which will enhance your skills, individuality and confidence towards your work.

With adjustable stitching length and width you will not only add different new as well as old styles in your work but can also change them according to your fabric. The stitching speed of machine per minute (SPM) basically represent how fast you sew and by this you can define time in which you will complete your work.

If you are going to be done a larger project then you need SPM range from 700 to 800 so that you can do your work within an appropriate time.

Design Features:

There are a no of machines with wide variety but the major capabilities which separate the computerized sewing machines form mechanical are adjustable and different selection modes. In the case of mechanical sewing machine you select stitching length width and operating speed by using different dials and knobs whereas in the case of computerized sewing machine you do all such type of operation from a LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) unit.

Over the LCD display unit you can give the operating commands to sewing machine according to requirement of your work. There may be some input device, a foot controller or touch screen system to run your sewing machine.
The dimensions of your sewing machine like weight and size having great importance towards your work. Because if you want to transport your sewing machine to attend some learning classes or to visit a friend for learning process and your sewing machine is so heavy o larger in size, so you will be really feel a great difficulty on that time.
sewing machine working

A sewing machine having optimized size and weight makes your learning process easy and friendly. You don’t need to put extra efforts towards transportation and handling of your sewing machine. A heavy or larger sewing machine may get you bored during the learning and working.
The best sewing machines have an option of drop-in bobbin which make easier to load your machine and free-arm sewing will allow you to adjust extension tables with your sewing machine easily. By this you can fit your sewing machine to any type of sewing project.

In some sewing machines a knee lifter feature is used to lift the presser foot of your fabric, so you don’t need to use hands for this thing. In most of the sewing machine there is a lighting bulb which helps you to see stitching quality in details.



“Fairfield in the mid-18th century was one of the most prosperous areas of New England,” Mr. Nevins said. “It had fertile farmlands and good ports which enabled farmers to sell their surplus crops for profit. The profits allowed them to participate in an international web of trade and acquire imported goods like hardware, window glass, furnishing and dress fabrics, porcelains and other household items.”

Restoration involved removing modern intrusions like a walk-in closet, insulation and linoleum in the garret, reattaching loose paster in the main rooms and restoring plaster where it was missing. Non-authentic moldings added in the 1930’s were replaced with period reproductions, interior surfaces repainted in their 18th-century colors and 40 years’ worth of linseed oil removed from floors.

A stone terrace and steps lead to the newly painted red-ochre side entrance door. Inside, 45-minute tours led by docents start in a 32-foot 18th-century kitchen with whitewashed walls, beams and wide-plank bare wood floors. “Wood was never left exposed except for floors,” Mr. Nevins said.


Used as a dining and work room, woodwork painted stone color looks like drab olive, the most popular color in 18th-century England. After dining, ladderback chairs, surrounding a gateleg table set for the family’s noonday meal, are rearranged around the perimeter of the room to allow for other uses: spinning, sewing, sorting and carding wool. The drab olive contrasts with the room’s slate-blue door, the color also used in the front entry hall.

Upstairs in the children’s bedroom, walls of vertical sheeting were whitewashed every spring to get rid of bugs that tended to live in the feather and straw beds then in use. Two or three children would have shared each of the two low-post beds displayed.

The garret, reached through the children’s bedroom, served as a pantry for barrels and sacks of flour, dried beans, apples and other foodstuffs. Spare furniture was also kept in the garret, and the space was also used as a sleeping area for servants or hired hands.

“This was a slave-owning region, and the slaves usually slept under the eaves or close to the kitchen,” Mr. Nevins said. Four-Poster Tester Bed

The great chamber or parlor chamber (named for the room it was over) displays elaborate wall paneling, suggesting it was the parents’ bedroom. Furnished with a set of chairs, a high chest of drawers, four-poster tester bed and a fancy mirror, it is one of two rooms that had curtains on the window, indicating that the Ogdens were wealthier than the average farmer. Most houses of the time had no curtains.


Downstairs, the parlor, considered the best room in the house, is painted with expensive bright Prussian blue paint. This is where the Ogdens paraded their imported porcelains and silver. A desk with Queen Anne legs matches the legs on a centered round tea table set for an elegant tea.

Outside, a fenced-in kitchen garden is planted with vegetables and herbs used for cooking and medicine in the 18th century. In the spring, a trail bordering a meandering stream is covered with wildflowers: bright yellow marsh marigold, pale lavendar phlox, brilliant red cardinal and delicate white bloodroot and trillium.

“One of the joyful things about the Ogden house,” Mr. Nevins said, “is that visitors can walk through and see not only beautiful objects but learn about a completely different life that existed in pre-suburban and pre-corporate Fairfield County.”

Ogden House (1520 Bronson Road, Fairfield, 259-1598) is open on Thursday and Sunday from 1 to 4 P.M. from the middle of May through the middle of October. Admission is $2, $1 for children.

Make money online through Ecommerce

Ever need something that you simply can’t find in stores? Where do you strive for an item like that? More often than not, you will visit the web, that World Wide Web, on which you can discover basically everything at a cost. Why not develop this helpful instrument and start offering your own particular items? On the off chance that you don’t have a result of your own, you can just decide to offer an alternate organization’s item, and you will even now profit from the deal! Sometimes, you can do so while never needing to handle, pack, or boat stock yourself.

You can additionally offer computerized things on the web, for example, a product project or digital book. Along these lines, you can offer the same thing again and again, and much the same as drop transportation, never need to handle a physical item yourself. There are a couple of keys to recall when running an E-Commerce site, To begin with, configuration to offer. Your site ought to completely convince you examine that your item, or whoever item it is that you are offering, is the most flawlessly awesome item for them. Don’t put forth wild claims or untrue expressions, yet rather utilize reality, rationale, research, and a considerable amount of buildup to persuade your peruse to purchase.

Additionally, make the checkout as simple and secure as could be allowed. Troublesome or muddled checkouts online are an immense turn off to most individuals, and will certainly influence your deals for the more regrettable. Making the checkout prepares snappy and simple will more likely than not ensure a rehash client. Something else to consider is making your site as secure as could reasonably be expected. Nobody will utilize your site to buy a thing in the event that they surmise that their Visa data will be stolen, or their individual data sold for promoting purposes. Ensure security in the checkout method for effectiveness of brain for your clients.

ecommerce-twoKeep in mind, your whole site ought to offer the item. Make the configuration appealing and the format clean. In the event that it creates the impression that you are a high caliber, reliable business, you are more prone to pull in clients than if your site is inadequately assembled, hard to explore, or looks frail.

Make sure that clients know you are there for them. Despite the fact that this is an online business, off and on again individuals have inquiries or concerns and would rather identify with an individual than anything mechanized. It is essential to dependably have a benevolent face accessible for clients, whether it is through online talk programming on your site or through telephone calls. You can likewise decide to do both. This will tell the client that you are there for them, and constantly prepared to help if there be a need.

An E-Commerce site could be very much a cash producer in the event that you are devoted to investing loads of energy. Don’t expect fabulous comes about overnight, yet in the event that you are ready to advance legit exertion, the return might be incredible.

Jobs Working From Home

jobs working at home discoverJobs Working from home requirements

Working from home always seems simple but it can be tasking if one does not have better planning and timing. Jobs working from home are comfortable to carry out since most of the people enjoy working where there is limited supervision, and one can attend to other matters as they do what is expected to earn a living. It is important to submit all that is required by the job by following all the terms of the jobs and you will enjoy working from home and of course love your job.

Create some space to work: some small issues like this can hugely affect your working from home. One must take jobs working from home seriously just like any other job and create some small space like an office where all operations will take place. Working from anywhere at home may affect one’s productivity since it may limit comfort ability where one may also look and feel disorganized. Improvising an office will make one plan, organize schedules and know of each progress while working.

Proper planning: initially, jobs working from home tend to tempt one to attend to other matters other than what is expected. In such cases, you will find that one will concentrate much on irrelevant matters other than what is required of them. Proper planning goes in hand with timing where one must schedule every duty at the right time. With that, the flow of events comes easy and one is able to meet goals.

The right tools of work: in some cases, one may ignore little things like jobs and equipments depending on the type of work they do where you find one is always on the move in search of tools of work. Having the right materials and equipments always is crucial since it limits the chances of time wastage.

ebay logo mPrompt communication: it is always good to make constant communication to both your employer and your clients since it shows them that you are still in service and that you do not need supervision to work. Inform your employer of any upcoming information for records and keep your clients informed since it boosts productivity. Such matters boosts loyalty, builds a better relationship between an employer and employee as well as clients, and they work towards the expansion of a company.

Heed to companies rules and regulations: jobs working from home may seem too good to one not following the regulations of an employer but that is not true. Such jobs are the same as any other the difference is that one does not report to the working places. Rules and regulations must therefore be adhered to and working must take place as expected.

Benefits: employers must also consider an employee working from home by giving them their dues like any other employee working from the company’s grounds. Making employees to enjoy the benefits of the company and allowances surely boosts their morale and they eventually carry out their duties right. Even by them working from home, they also require time offs and a break from work to refresh their minds and body.

Online Marketing Tips

It is a requirement of any online business to have some marketing strategies in order for them to run accordingly. The main reason for marketing is increasing sales for a business. For online marketing, one must have the knowledge of some requirements, which are, affiliate marketing, social media operations, blogs and search engine optimization. To be successful in the online business, strategies act as guidelines and planning techniques that must be adhered to for the success of the business. The strategies are always based on long-term operations and the objectives of a business. The following are guidelines to follow when making strategies. Know who your competitors are: this is by looking at their websites monitor their operations and specifically their sales processes. It is important to look at the strongest and large competitors, look at how they started and their marketing strategies. Choose a brand name or trademark: you need to be established before introducing yourself in the market. A name, image, trademark or a business plan is a symbol of what the market must associate your website with therefore, pick any of them to distinguish between your website with that of your competitors. Identification is part of a marketing strategy. Follow up the marketing strategies of your competitors: through the social media sites, it is easy to know how your competitors are fairing in the market by seeing the responses via online services, monitor how often they communicate with their customers and how many reviews and responses are made in blogs. marketing signKnow your market: this strategy is important since you tend to study the market you are about to venture. This is done by choosing who your consumers will be, if you choose to be part of a niche market, eventually your target of consumers is not all online consumers. Budgeting is also part of knowing your market since you will be able to make a budget and account it. Launch campaigns: this is a good marketing strategy where you get to introduce to your visitors and consumers to your brand all at once. The campaigns include the opening of accounts of social media, which require consistence in updates. It is also important to create videos and clips that show how your product works, write SEO articles that explain the functions of your products or what it entails and to create a well designed ad that will be posted on your site hence portraying a good image of your product. Track your campaign strategies: after the launch of these strategies, ensure to monitor each since you are likely to get feedback or reviews from consumers. Interaction with consumers: with this strategy, you should ensure constant interaction with your customers. This is the only way you will know what they need and whether your product is appreciated. It is also a time to gather information and know whether you should make changes or not. The best thing with most consumers is that they speak what is right and by that, one will be able to gauge the relevance of a product in the market. One can always use blogs for interaction.

How To Distinguish Between SEO And PPC

As time goes, it has become a necessity to keep up to date with what is on the internet business. Those who have online businesses have had the chance of improving their businesses by capturing their clients. Due to the technological advancements; the internet has had strategies, which are used in marketing. The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay per Click (PPC) are keywords used to market an internet site. Though the internet may look simple to access and has been a solution to many in solving problems, it has also a challenge and that is, congestion whereby it is crowded with those trying to access.

It is easy to start running a website but it is not enough to keep your business ongoing since there is need for some channels to act as driving agents and ensuring that your business remains relevant. Those who access the internet must be given alternatives to do it at affordable rates and at any time, they would wish to do it. The website must be enticing, visible and one that which targets to fulfill the needs of consumers in the internet market. This can only be made easy by the PCC and SEO in the search engine marketing.

SEO: many surfers use this Google search engine to trace websites, topics and titles of interest. It is proven that this search engine is used by a large percentage of the internet users and it always becomes the first choice whenever they want to surf. This is actually a process that ensures that the internet finds your website during its search among the top results. By that, it gives one a clue on where your website stands in the midst of all.

seo and ppcWhen it comes to payments in SEO, you do not have to pay the clicks but much time is spent while coming up with combinations of ads that will move a large crowd of audiences; it requires too much of researching. It may take close to six months in the struggle for establishments but with good outcomes, the business becomes profitable and the goals met.

PPC: this search engine is simply pay per click, which is a way of advertising a website. Whenever you make a click to a website, you are likely to get listings of ads that are what PPC does. Whenever an internet surfer clicks to any of the ads, they are charged at a certain rate and that is how a website earns. The unique fact about PPC advertising is that most providers will allow you to give specifications of the target market that is of concern. It also gives one the chance of checking how competitive and relevant an ad is, and its frequency of being shown.

Some of the benefits of PPC are that:

  • It is easy to use and an advert is displayed to the entire internet community.
  • One can set a budget for a certain period where after an expiry; one can choose to reset another.
  • Since the market is dynamic, you will be able to adapt and adjust to the market trends.